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Greetings and welcome to my unofficial Noobs Vs Zombies wiki for roblox dude. This is planned to be a very massive wiki with a huge number of pages but it is Very new and young and due to reasons I wont be ranking people up unless they are so insanely trusted so I may make a badge for it. If you do somehow manage to get a rank please don't betray me random guy reading this for no reason at all ok?

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This fandom is about Noobs Vs Zombies in ROBLOX and that includes Noobs Vs Zombies Realish [ALPHA] and noob defense 4 for now.


Thy shall not have any strange Gods before me (yes this is the ten commandments and by me I don't mean me I mean God he made it anyways and if your not Christian or Muslim or Jew then u may ignore all that's Italic).

Thou shall not make into thee any graven image

Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain(if you do I WILL NUKE U TO PIECES) (just kidding but still don't)

Remember to keep holy the sabbath day

Honor Thy mother and father

THOU SHALL NOT KILL(its caps so hopefully that will tell you not to or ILL er nvm)

Thou shall not commit adultery

Thou shall not steal

Thou shall not lie

Thou shall not covet

There the ten commandments but that's not all man.

PLEASE NO BAD WORDS. (im serious)

D0N4TE T1X PL0X!!!! (just kidding

No Inappropriate stuff

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